Charlotte Olympia Preview

It’s all about unleashing your femininity while on a tour in Russia.  We’re talking about Charlotte Olympia’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection, of course.

Olympia’s inspiration for this selection is seen clearly in the fun floral prints as well as the adorable Babushka Doll ornaments.  Her signature platform serves as base for elaborate uppers in suede with leather rosette appliqués, strappy nude sandals with candy-colored buttons and suede swirl sandals that has already been favored among editorials.  The wedges continue sky-high, something the brand is known for, and are covered in whimsical florals and ornamental embossing.  In the words of Patsy and Eddie: “Gorgeous, Gahling” - Jenn Tello



  1. Great collection, my wife will love these as gift for birthday, thx for the post.

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