Exclusive Stylesight Video: Endrime Denim

A few weeks ago, we stopped by the Endrime Studios in East London to hang out with Mohsin Sajid and his many machines.

A few weeks ago, we stopped by the Endrime Studios in East London to hang out with Mohsin Sajid and his many machines.

We’ve already blogged about Mohsin Sajid and his unique brand, Endrime a few times on the DDD; firstly because he’s doing something quite standout from the normal 5-pocket denim brand out there and secondly, because he is a fellow Londoner and denim buddy! The denim scene is a small one and especially the niche movement coming out of the UK right now; there really aren’t that many people producing denim from London or the UK but it is definitely growing. It’s an exciting time for UK denim and there’s none more passionate about this movement than Mohsin.

If you want to know more about Endrime, head over to our longer interview piece, or his website. Also stay tuned for our next video, where Mohsin takes us on a tour of him many vintage machines, it’s insane!

Exclusive Stylesight Video: Endrime Denim

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