Denim Event: Denim Bruin

We’re loving the look of last week’s event, Denim Bruin, in San Francisco

Today we’re blogging about an event that we would have loved to attend, but sadly it was last weekend and in San Francisco! The event, named Denim Bruin was a gathering of like-minded denim dudes and dudettes, celebrating both ‘made in California’ brands and a love of vintage denim and workwear.

The event was attended by denim author and budding historian Michael Harris (Jeans Of The Old West) as he signed books and displayed some great examples of 19th century workwear at Roy Slaper’s studio. Also involved was the renowned A-B fits store who hosted brands such as Mister Freedom and Rising Sun from L.A alongside Roy, Tellason, Jack/Knife and even Blue Blanket from Italy.  Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Levi’s Vintage Clothing too. By the looks of the photos, plus these from Jack/Knife it seems like it was a great event!

Denim Event: Denim Bruin
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Tailor System
Sep 25th, 2012
Your aritcle is full of useful information. keep it up. Interesting, clear and precise. Nice work Amy.

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