Consumer: #WDESIGN: An Instagram Exhibition
By Gemma Riberti

The W Hotel in New York are hosting the city’s first Instagram exhibition, #WDESIGN.

May 04, 2012


The ubiquity of photosharing apps such as Instagram and sites like Flickr have, in recent years, enabled even the most the novice photographer to share beautiful photos with the world in an instant – so it comes as little surprise to hear that this photography phenomenon will be honored throughout May as the W Hotel in New York hosts #WDESIGN: An Instagram Exhibition. 

Hosted by the Times Square branch of the ‘luxury boutique’ chain, the exhibit showcases photographs taken with Instagram that best depict “the different elements of design in New York – architecture, street art, patterns and design,” according to curator and founder of the app, Brian DiFeo.

As we become more saturated by photos and imagery online, it’s interesting to see designers envisaging the images of the future – how they will be taken, what they will look like, and the information they will contain. See our more recent blogpost on the Descriptive Camera, which prints out a text description of what it captures, rather than an image. – Samantha Fox

Consumer: #WDESIGN: An Instagram Exhibition

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