Consumer: The Globe (Hedron) urban rooftop farm

Architect Antonio Scarponi’s rooftop, urban farm endeavors to address how we might sustainably live and feed ourselves within the city environment, in the future.

It has been projected, that by 2050 half of the world’s population will live in the city – Architect Antonio Scarponi’s urban, rooftop farm endeavors to address how we might sustainably live and eat within our future urban environments.

The Globe (Hedron) is a greenhouse made from renewable and natural materials, including bamboo, and uses the process of aquaponics to grow vegetables and fish, organically: aquaponics is a cycle system that uses fish waste to fertilize vegetables and plants, which in turn purify the water tanks that the fish inhabit. One Globe structure is said to be able to feed a family of four with fresh vegetables and fish, year-round.

The structure is lightweight, low cost and can be assembled easily.  Additionally, it can sit atop any generic flat roof within the city environment, because of its small size and geodesic design.

Earlier this year we reported on the Frisch vom Dach rooftop farm in Berlin, which uses a similar process to harvest food and vegetables for the city. Similarly, FARM: shop in Dalston, East London, opened last year as a ‘utopian’ urban farm that rears and sells fresh food on site.

As depleting resources become key concerns for future living, initiatives like this may prompt us into using alternative methods for growing produce.  We hope to see many more of these urban farm initiatives in our ever-expanding cities. – Samantha Fox

Consumer: The Globe (Hedron) urban rooftop farm

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