Citizen Hip: Dévastée’s Private Parisian Picks
By Cassi Michalik

From pondering the supernatural to hitting Hemingway’s haunts, Ophélie Klere and François Alary of Dévastée shed a light on the shadows of their favorites.

Aug 19, 2011


Ophélie Klere and François Alary are the dark and wildly talented design duo behind Dévastée; a chic collection of mostly black and white wares interspersed with ghostly graphics and macabre jokes. A shared love of cemeteries is what brought them together, but obsessions with snails, specific stones, and certain smiles is what keeps the flame alive.

Devastee’s sketches are sweetly ghoulish but their unique aesthetic is evident.  When asked how he would describe their work, Alary’s response was, “Black and white clothes, with really funny macabre jokes, for a girl who wants to stay dark and chic in every occasion.” The collections are a fresh and wearable compilation of their own classics, featuring comfortable shapes, soft fabrics and hidden messages.

From pondering the supernatural to hitting Hemingway’s haunts, here they shed a light on the shadows of their favorites.

Le Café Chinois – EAT & DRINK
7 rue de Bearn 75003 / +33 (0)142714743
Neighborhood: Le Marais
We come to this café very often – it’s where we schedule our afternoon appointments. It’s very convenient because not only is it close to our showroom during fashion week, But beyond that, it is very different from other Marais cafés…it is very calm and quiet, and there are some really good vibrations. And, as far as we know, this is the only bar in Paris where they serve fig nectar, a drink that is absolutely divine!

The Basilica of Notre Dame des Victoires – SEE
Place des Petits-Pères 75002 / +33 (0)142609047
Neighborhood: Palais-Royal
This is a very special place situated behind the Place des Victoires. This is not at all a touristy church. From the outside, we see nothing extraordinary, but when you enter inside, one is struck by an atmosphere that is a little supernatural. It’s very dark and the lights of the candles particularly stand out. It immediately makes us forget the atmosphere of the city. The walls are covered with ex-votos, giving thanks for accomplished miracles. It’s quite inspiring and impressive.

Cimetière de Montmartre – SEE
20 Avenue Rachel 75018 / +33 (0)153423630
Neighborhood: Montmartre
Usually, we do not like the Parisian cemeteries. They are too big, a little dirty, and feel a bit sad. However, there is something different in this cemetery, which has rather interesting perspectives. It’s important to go in good weather, when the thousands of details there is to see on the graves and mausoleums quickly absorb us. There is also a strange ambiance full of all the crows and cats that haunt the cemetery and have settled in the vaults.

Bar Hemingway at the Ritz – EAT & DRINK
15 Place Vendôme 75001 / +33 (0)143163365
Neighborhood: Saint-Honoré
We found this bar quite recently, during a photo shoot, and we were both immediately fascinated by the space. There really is a special atmosphere. Already, the route is confusing: it is on the broad Place de la Concorde, and then we enter the lobby of the hotel. Very soon we find ourselves in a long narrow corridor with a dated and unfashionable sense of luxury, full of windows displaying objects that really very kitsch. Finally, at the back of the hotel, we arrive in this tiny bar where the atmosphere has nothing to do with what we have already seen. It is covered with wood paneling and memories of Hemingway. This place amuses us greatly.

Brasserie Saint Régis – EAT & DRINK
6 rue Jean-du-Bellay 75004 / +33 (0)143545941
Neighborhood: Ile Saint Louis
Since we arrived in Paris 10 years ago, we immediately flashed upon the Ile Saint Louis. It is both completely in the heart of the city and yet somewhat forgotten, a little left out. Most Parisians never go there, and some barely know that it even exists. The two of us, we come here any time that we have a free moment. And the Saint Regis is our favorite restaurant on the island. We cannot really say why. It’s just a feeling.

Cassi Bryn Michalik


Citizen Hip: Dévastée's Private Parisian Picks

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