Chanel Avant Karl: Coco’s Costume Jewels
By WGSN Insider

A sale on high-end collector’s site features a selection of rare Chanel costume jewelry from the 50s-60s, including pieces owned by Chanel herself.

Feb 02, 2012


Sale header and post images courtesy of

Vintage Luxury is hosting a sale of important Chanel costume jewelry via, with a selection of covetable brooches, necklaces, cuffs, and earrings proving for the umpteenth time the enduring appeal of the shrewdly elegant and visionary designer’s wares.  Dating mostly to the 1950s and 60s (or the period from the house’s relaunch in 1954 until Chanel’s death in 1971), several of the pieces were the personal property of Coco herself, a fact which augments commensurately the price of the accessory in question, with figures rising upwards of USD $10k+ for a brooch or a letter clip, for example– steep numbers for costume pieces that incorporate materials ranging from semi-precious stones to bakelite, faux pearl and ivory, among others.  This is undoubtedly due not only to the double CC insignia but also the fine craftmanship, with venerable French jewelry studios like Goossens and Gripoix behind the majority of the accessories available for sale.

Chanel fiends and general jewelry hounds alike should have a peek at this incredible selection of finds, a window into Coco’s jewelry box of treasures past. Below, a selection of our favorite pieces in the sale.


Poured Glass Cross Necklace, by Goossens, 1950s, $12,500 

Gilt Leaf brooch with pastes and pearls, by Goossens, 1960s, $4800

Gilt serpent necklace, by Goossens, 1960s, $16,500

Byzantine Brooch *owned personally by Chanel*, by Goossens, 1956, $12,500

Heraldic Double-Lion Necklace, by Goossens, 1960s, sold

Poured Glass and paste Clover brooch, by Gripoix, 1950s, $5800

Glass Bib Necklace, by Gripoix, 1950s, $14,500

Looped Flower Jabot Brooch, by Goossens, 1960s, $2,400

Moghul Pate de Verre collar necklace, by Gripoix, $12,500

Chanel Avant Karl: Coco's Costume Jewels

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