BERLIN: Citizen Hip – Jan Mihm
By WGSN Insider

Jan Mimh of Berlin-based cosmetics company Uslu Airlines shares his favorite hometown haunts.

Feb 05, 2013


Jan Mihm
Jan Mihm’s passion for make-up and nail polish exceeds the usual masculine interest in cosmetics by far. With his partner in business and in crime, Feride Uslu, they founded Uslu Airlines in 2003, the cult product line which became famous with its airbrush make-up system and unique nail polish line. With a surprising urban zeitgeist, the team launches almost peculiar products in cooperation with international concept stores, designers and even DJs, including the likes of Colette in Paris, Adidas, Bernhard Willhelm and Vera Wang. When Jan’s not traveling, he’s working on Uslu Airlines in Berlin, and always re-discovering the German capital with his friends and children. Here are some of his favorite haunts. -Silke Lambers
Torstraße 67 / +49 30 29009502 
Neighborhood: Mitte/Hackescher Markt
Quirky and colorful Happy Shop on Torstraße is just a couple of blocks from the Uslu Airlines headquarters, and offers a great range of carefully curated clothes from Minä Perhonen, Toga Archives, Miharayasuhiro and the owner’s brand Smeilinener.
Torstraße 72 / +49 30 2576 2070 
Neighborhood: Mitte/Hackescher Markt
Just across the street from Happy Shop, Soto offers the best selection of Menswear in Berlin. With the recently expanded shop next door, the selection became even bigger and better with new European, American and Asian designers. Everything a man needs to dress well.
Neighborhood: Grunewald, in the very West of Berlin
The greatest way to relax is by flying kites with your children at Teufelsberg. This mountain of rubble is Berlin highest “mountain,” – yes, Berliners are known for building their own mountains. The former monitoring station on top of the mountain gives it a mysterious vibe, but you will also meet mountain bikers or sleigh riders here, depending on the season.
Several entrances on Columbia Damm, Tempelhofer Damm and Oderstraße 
Neighborhood: Tempelhof
When the former national airport, Tempelhof, went out of service a couple of years ago, it left a large empty area behind, (aside from the famous building that now hosts Bread & Butter). Luckily, the city decided to turn part of the vacated location and accompanying landing strip into a gigantic public park. Now, the Tempelhof’s Freedom – yes, that is the official name – invites everybody to relax, walk, run, bike, rollerblade, barbeque, do urban gardening and much more. And it certainly offers more than enough space for all of the above.
Kurfürstendamm 193-194 
Neighborhood: Charlottenburg/Kurfürstendamm
Karl-Heinz Müller opened a really impressive store with his second 14 oz. location at Haus Cumberland on Kurfürstendamm. The high ceilings and old shelves give it the unique feeling of old Berlin, in this former luxury apartment building.  The selection of merchandise is also stunning. Too expensive for shopping, but a great spot to check out.
Schönlein Straße 6 / +49 30 6796 5572 
Neighborhood: Kreuzberg/Bergmannstraße
I love this low key Kreuzbergian bar, because it’s where my favorite barkeeper in the city takes perfect care of me. With vintage furniture and flickering candlelight, it’s the kind of cozy neighborhood bar that you can go to at any time. Like a second living room.
Bergmannstraße 26 / +49 30 6167 5451 
Neighborhood: Kreuzberg/Bergmannstraße
Austrian wurst-salad and schnitzel make this one of my favorite restaurants. Make sure not to miss this tiny restaurant and walk into one of the large neighboring places. Only Felix Austria has this unique, cozy feel.
Rosenthaler Straße 67 / +49 30 2804 0644 
Neighborhood: Mitte/Hackescher Markt
This gourmet deli is perfect for lunch, just a couple of steps from the Uslu Airlines office, offering a great mix of Italian and Israeli cuisine. Super fresh greatness from antipasti to hummus.
Under the U1 subway stop Schlesische Tor 
Neighborhood: Schlesische Straße/Oberbaumbrücke
This former public toilet-turned-food-stall is known for its great burgers and wursts. Located to the right of the subway and open all day long until the early morning hours, it is the perfect place to indulge in your fast food urges at any time – especially after a long night on nocturnal Schlesische Straße.
Torstraße 125 
Neighborhood: Mitte/Hackescher Markt
We turned the Uslu Airlines office’s largest window, overlooking Rosenthaler Platz at Berlin’s famous Torstraße, into a large video screen. For five years we have been showing artistic movies and videos at night, in cooperation with Momentum gallery. They are currently working on a radio frequency in order to add sound to the now only visual spectacle.

BERLIN: Citizen Hip - Jan Mihm

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