Beauty Buzz | Chanel Haute Couture Nails – F/W 12

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While Haute Couture F/W 12 runways were awash in red or nude nails, it was the reverse French, silver eclipse nails at Chanel that caught our attention. After seasons of the solid nail, this was new for the iconic label. Makeup artist Peter Philips drew inspiration from the classic French manicure and gave it an update that was in line with Karl Lagerfeld’s “New Vintage” collection. To create the eclipse affect, the entire nail was lacquered with one coat of  silver chrome nail polish (Le Vernis Nail Color in Silver). Unfortunately for the DIY hopefuls, the silver hue was discontinued in 2007. The center of the nail was then painted with a baby pink (Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in May, Spring 2012) leaving space around the sides for the silver to show.  Très chic! – Madeline Farina



  1. i love this pink and silver it looks great

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