Beauty Buzz | Sephora Presents Sensorium

Sephora’s multi-sensory, interactive, pop-up fragrance exhibit, “Sensorium: An Immersive Journey Through Lucid Dreams From the Sensory World” is now open in New York City.

Oct 20, 2011


Sephora has opened it’s multi-sensory, interactive, pop-up  fragrance exhibit, “Sensorium: An Immersive Journey Through Lucid Dreams From the Sensory World.” In collaboration with fragrance house Firmenich, this 4D museum is “a cross between a laboratory, classroom and art gallery,” created to give audiences a fresh take on how we experience scents through interactive experiences, compelling film, story-telling and 3D art. “Fragrance is such an important part of our business, and our clients are always searching for the newest and most unique offerings,” said Sharon Rothstein, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Sephora.

Upon entry, the Sensorium features a visual timeline of fragrance through time. Sensory deprivation booths  offer  a momentary experience of losing the ability to smell, followed by First Scent, a journey of scent rediscovery. Multimedia presentations engage sight, smell and sound to visualize familiar scents and memories (the scent of morning, a visit to the beach, a warm embrace) designed by perfumers like Harry Fremont and Honorine Blanc. The last section, Lucid Dreams, is the highlight of the show, with its scented videos. The room features high tech, sniff-registering flower sculptures that trigger the video with the unique sound made in the physical act of smelling. Finally, the fragrance bar allows visitors to take a blind sniff test of popular fragrances to evaluate their mastery of scents. “It’s about making fragrance modern,” said Debra Butler, the vice president of creative marketing for Firmenich.

The Sensorium exhibit is located around the corner from the new Meatpacking Sephora store:  414 West 14th Street between 9th Ave and Washington St. It runs  through November 27, 2011. $15 ticket fee that is redeemable for a Sephora gift card.


Beauty Buzz | Sephora Presents Sensorium
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