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Lady Gaga’s upcoming Fame fragrance explores the dark side of Fame.

Jul 18, 2012


Lady Gaga is the most recent celebrity to dip into the fragrance market. Except she’s taking over in a way that only Gaga can. Lady G’s new fragrance, Fame, hits stores this August, in an egg-shaped bottle with a weighty gold-claw inspired cap. We all know this artist is never one for the ordinary, and inside her scented bottle of tricks is the world’s first ever, black perfume that sprays and sets clear once air born (a reference to the dark side of fame). WWD recently asked the singer about her concept, to which she replied, “Fame is an illusion –if you really want it, anyone can have it.” Call us “Little Monsters” because we definitely want Fame.

The Lady didn’t stop at a color changing formula, the fragrance also contains a unique blend of accords – dark, sensual and light. Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing for Coty Inc. said, “It has a trampoline structure –notes are rising at different rates that are quite random. Some accords will come out if you rub it, other accords will come out later. It has random propulsion and doesn’t have a classic linear drydown. We call it a push-pull, and it will smell different on different people.” The perfume contains a dark accord inspired by the deadly plant, belladonna, a sensual accord, including honey, saffron and apricot nectar, and a light accord infused with crushed tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. Mormoris describes the scent as a “fruity floral focusing around belladonna.” It will be available as an eaux de parfum in three different sizes,

A new perfume means a new ad campaign, and considering it’s Lady Gaga, we’re sure it won’t be disappointing. Steve Klein shot the print and TV campaigns and a three minute promotional film that will be released online.

Okay, let’s recap: a perfume that goes from black to clear, unconventional scent, and an original ad campaign? We wouldn’t expect anything less from the Queen of Innovation. So, what’s next for the Fame Monster? Black Soap will launch in August and a black shower gel and lotion will launch in November. Maybe a makeup line next, G. We’ve always been a fan of those stiletto nails. – Madeline Farina

Beauty Buzz | Lady Gaga Fame
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