Beauty Buzz | Chanel Pop-Up in Covent Garden

Chanel opens its first beauty pop-up store in Convent Garden.

Aug 03, 2012


Is it just us, or is London having the best summer ever? We didn’t think we could possibly be more envious of those in the presence of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, but after last week’s Chanel event we’ve officially turned a—chic—shade of green.

Last Tuesday, Chanel opened the doors to its first ever pop-up beauty store in London.  The store features all of the design house’s high-end beauty products in every desirable shade, and while it might sound like an average beauty shop, it’s anything but. Chanel is pulling out all the stops; interactive shopping services, hosting special makeup workshops and consultations taught by leading Chanel makeup experts, and a preview sale on August 3 of the “Les Essentiels De Chanel’ autumn collection three weeks before its nationwide launch.

Speaking of interactive shopping services, we heard there’s going to be a Chanel treasure hunt as well as London’s first Chanel nail bar. We’re definitely putting those gorgeous F/W 12 Haute Couture nails on the top of our “must-try” list. Considering that the boutique promises to keep shoppers up to date with the latest runway trends, we’re sure September’s upcoming fashion week will spark an increase in inspired gurus.

As if the store’s inventory wasn’t enough to excite us, the location and design does us over the same way a Lagerfeld collection does to us each and every season. Housed in London’s Covent Garden to echo the appearance of classic black and white vintage, it’s exterior exemplifies the aura of a Chanel catwalk.

Just before its closing in December, the shop will present an exclusive Christmas 2012 surprise. ’Tis the season for a Chanel Christmas! Hey Karl, maybe you could open a pop-up in New York. We’d be more than willing to have the best winter ever. – Madeline Farina

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Beauty Buzz | Chanel Pop-Up in Covent Garden

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