Backstage Beauty | Gerlan Jeans

Makeup: Deanna for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Hair: Chuck Amos for Phyto Nails: Renee Myers for OPI MAKEUP “There’s two looks going on …

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Makeup: Deanna for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Hair: Chuck Amos for Phyto
Nails: Renee Myers for OPI


“There’s two looks going on today. One is Minnie [Mouse].  We’re giving Minnie a new look with an ombre lip to look like she just sucked on a lollipop. A nice strong line on the eye because Minnie is that powerful, confident girl. For the Gerlan look, we’re doing matte skin, a glossy eye, a glossy mouth and eyelashes that are a little spidery. For the spider-y look, you take the lashes and you start from the base. Hold the mascara wand vertically for the tip, twirl it and stick lashes together. It’s like how your grandma wore it in Long Island in 1990. OCC has this new mascara thats amazing and the lip color is NSFW Lip Tar which is a perfect red.” – Deanna

“Gerlan Jeans is having two different collections this season. One is the Minnie collection. We’re giving the girls a street look but still keeping the Minnie silhouette. So we did braids and two buns and we’re doing the Liza bang, which is the old Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim pointed bang. But, we’re lifting it up to get that widows peak like Minnie has. The second collection is the Gerlan Geans collection which is street looks. Shes going more towards girl power so we’re doing the french braids back, giving that 90s/No Doubt feeling of girl power. We’re putting pins and buttons in the hair to give it that girl power look from the 60s. We’re also doing beautiful hair, blown out, full hair. Then we’re doing butch styles from the street, short and wet hairstyles that are more butch. So we have a butch power girl a fem power girl and a braided power girl. Women’s beauty is power.” – Chuck Amos

“All the girls have different looks so we’re doing a mix of things. We’ve got five different OPI colors. Some are very bright and then there’s this silver which is kind of neutral. It captures the metallic, fun side of the show. Everybody has something different. The nails are solid but the colors are really bright so they pop. They’re very fun, very Disney. It’s from our existing collection. The pink is from the OPI Minnie Mouse collection. We collaborate a lot with Disney so they picked out the colors from our line of colors.” – Renee Myers

Backstage Beauty | Gerlan Jeans

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