Samuel Trotman

Prior to joining WGSN, Sam studied Fashion Merchandise Management at the University of Westminster in London, where he completed a 6-month internship at Stylesight during a study exchange in New York. Sam’s budding denim knowledge has been propelled through his experience at premium high street retailer Allsaints, which also helped develop his discerning taste for subtle denim details and original workwear brands.
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Denim and menswear brand KAPITAL (named after the denim capital of Japan) is offering a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of a KAPITAL photo shoot. The full film is a thing of beauty, WGSN's Denim Editor Samuel Trotman reports

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Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's faux 70s band has become a viral hit online thanks to SNL, but the real star of the show is denim. WGSN Denim Editor Sam Trotman reports