Art & Design: Swept Away at MAD in New York

The Museum of Arts and Design in New York is turning its attention to a new set of unusual materials and techniques in its latest exhibition Swept Away: Dust, Ashes and Dirt in contemporary Art and Design.

Known for experimental exhibitions exploring the realms of materiality, such as Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting, the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) is turning its attention to a new set of unusual materials and techniques in its latest exhibition, Swept Away: Dust, Ashes and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design.

Highlighting work that deals with the ephemeral, death and destruction, as well as detritus of human existence, this exhibition echoes Stylesight’s Ashen trend for S/S 13.

In the aftermath of volcanoes and earthquakes, we dust ourselves off to find a new beginning. Ashen announces a new trend in austerity where textures and fabrics are inspired by decay, decomposition and distressing.” – Ashen Megatrend report

The exhibition showcases the work of Studio Glithero and Phoebe Cummings as well as sculptures made from ash by Chinese artist Zhang Huan. It is unique in the way that it celebrates the beauty to be found in the transformative and much overlooked discarded materials such as dust and dirt.  The exhibition will be on show until August 12th, 2012 – Philippa Wagner

See more of this design aesthetic in our In The Air report, The Life of Death.

Art & Design: Swept Away at MAD in New York

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