Art & Design: Feel Me app by Marco Triverio

Feel Me is a project that attempts to close the space between digital communication and physical touch.

In this technology abundant age, it is relatively easy for most of us to communicate with our friends and loved ones, wherever they might be in the world.  But our digital devices are not quite able to match the sense of real-time interaction, and can often feel like impersonal tools for communicating.  Interactive designer Marco Triverio has created an app that attempts to bridge this gap between physical presence and digital communication.

“When we engage in conversations over the phone or send messages, we are not always expectant that the person on the other side will answer immediately and engage in a conversation with us,” explains Triverio.

Developed at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the app triggers a fingerprint-sized dot to appear on the screen when the person you are communicating with touches their own screen.  When both parties touch the same spot the phone reacts with an affectionate vibration or sound, which signals that both people are ‘there’ at the same time.

As we continue to communicate more through our digital devices, we are often left yearning for interaction that feels more human.  We explore this topic further in our Catalyst report for 2014, Future Dialogue.  See our post on Senseg’s E-sense haptic technology, also. – Samantha Fox

Art & Design: Feel Me app by Marco Triverio

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