Art & Design: A Traditional Window Display for Issey Miyake
By Gemma Riberti

Tokyo-based collective Drawing and Manual created a playful, low-tech window display for the ELTTOB TEP Issey Miyake store in Tokyo, exemplifying the brand’s craftsmanship and handwork.

Sep 04, 2012


Here at Stylesight, we’ve become rather accustomed to seeing high tech window displays for shops and department stores that incorporate the latest in motion-tracking technology, human gesture recognition or cutting edge interactive graphics, for example.  So it was refreshing to stumble across this beautiful project from Tokyo-based collective Drawing and Manual, who took a simpler and less digitized approach to creating a window display for Japanese designer, Issey Miyake.

Installed into the ELTTOB TEP store in Ginza, Tokyo, Drawing and Manual took inspiration from Miyake’s signature pleats and folds to create a playful display that uses traditional split-flap mechanics.

Grabbing the attention of passers-by, 42 flaps, made from Perspex, rotate and change in groups or individually, displaying images from the current collection. The images were cut and printed by hand, exemplifying the craftsmanship and handwork of the Miyake brand.

“Once we took on this mission, our hands, feet, and mind began moving. We began using pencils and scissors, standing and moving, walking in the city, and observing and talking to people. We then realized that arts and crafts are the basis for dynamic design,” explains Drawing and Manual.  This aesthetic is explored further in Stylesight’s S/S 13 Megatrend, Rational. – Samantha Fox

Scroll down for images courtesy of Creative Applications.

Art & Design: A Traditional Window Display for Issey Miyake

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