And She’s Not Even Pretty

Fred Torres Collaborations has recently unveiled their latest exhibition entitled, “And She’s Not Even Pretty,” by newly minted artist, Courtney Love.

Fred Torres Collaborations has recently unveiled their latest exhibition entitled, “And She’s Not Even Pretty,” by newly minted artist, Courtney Love. This is the first exhibition of Love’s drawings, which will feature over 45 works. 

The often colorful works portray a kind of romantic hysteria, featuring doll-like women surrounded by Love’s emotionally fraught writing, excerpts of poetry, or music lyrics. The subjects of Love’s drawings are based on the artist’s personal experiences, friends, and her interest in fin de siècle paintings in which women are portrayed as powerful femme fatales, virtuous heroines, or as non-individual beings whose purpose is purely sexual. Working primarily with colored pencil, pastel and watercolor, Love creates highly charged dreamscapes, often containing a vibrant palette filled with gestural forms, and marks that are at times fluid, or compulsive and frenetic, which imbue a deeply moving psychological quality to the works.

“With pure line, color and raw emotion, Courtney Love makes drawings of turmoil and contradictions. Sometimes whimsical and carefree, they too express dark psychological states. Sometimes coy and sexually alluring, they ultimately speak of her vulnerability and longing for fairytale romance. Above all, they show it all, as Courtney always does.”

– Anne Pasternak, President and Artistic Director, Creative Time

On view through June 15, 2012.

Fred Torres Collaborations
527 West 29th Street, New York, NY / + 1 212 244 5074

Photos: Courtesy of Fred Torres Collaborations


And She's Not Even Pretty

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