Olympic Arts + Graphics: Flaunt Magazine

The 2012 London Olympics have had a stronghold on pop-culture for the last few months, influencing traditional markets like performance and team sports, but also so unexpected sectors like fashion and the arts. For Flaunts Men’s Spring 2012 Fashion issue: Nerds Verses Jocks, they turned to a series of artists to illustrate “Sports Couture from the Fashion Capitals”. Imagine if the couture shows were comprised of “teams” from each city?!?…We fell in love instantly. - Jeanine Pesce

Cover – Men’s Spring 2012 Fashion issue: Nerds Verses Jocks

The Tokyo Vixens by Hiroshi Tanabe

The Milan Coutures by Gugliemo Castelli

The Crazy Paris Runners by Mesdemoiselles

The New York Blackouts by Keren Richter


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