Some of the most inspiring aspects of Active come from unusual locations and finds. Case in point when our Denim Editor passed along a link to the Kapital Ski Cowboy video. The video, spearheaded by Japanese brand Kapital Denim, showcases a handmade coating process across its Century Denim, for the ability to ski and snowboard. Of course our little Active hearts beat with excitement when such coolness enters our inbox.


The Kapital team showed the process the night before they went skiing and snowboarding. The denim was coated, then dried overnight…

…then everyone jumped into their car and went up to a local mountain for the day.

Inspiration comes from a variety of unexpected places, the Kapital Ski Cowboy is certainly our key inspiration of the day. Enjoy!

-Jessica Kaplan




  1. Thank you very much for the quick and amazing coverage!! We here at KAPITAL love your blogs and check in on them daily!

  2. woww I love this style! Amazing, where we can find Kapital in Barcelona??

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