London 2012 Comes to a Close!


Just like that, the Olympics have come to a close. The Active team here at Stylesight has been on Olympic lockdown catching as many amazing moments as possible. Sunday night was the final night of the party, brought to a close with one of the biggest celebrations we’ve seen in a long time. The world watched as London put on a spectacular show of all things British including Fatboy Slim in an inflatable octopus for a music showdown, a supermodel spectacular, and of course the reunion of the Spice Girls. It was an incredible sight to see all of the athletes after two weeks of hard work get to relax and take in the celebration. We can’t wait for Brazil 2016!

Stay tuned to the site for two Olympic reports still to come on Olympic Events & Happenings and Olympic Athletes in Action. As always, don’t forget to check the Trendlink for all of our Olympic coverage leading up to the games. - Erin Mintun


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