We Love… Re-Membering Barbie Fondly

Stylesight Margaux Lange Barbie

We can’t help but be fascinated by Margaux Lange’s Barbie jewelry. Taking apart the anatomy of the iconic doll, Lange creates pop jewelry from the pieces. With so many incredible pieces in her collection, we decided to show a few more than usual. From a ring bearing Ken’s six-pack abs to a necklace made from Barbie’s arms, Lange creates unusual compositions from the classic doll. Blogging about the process here, be sure to stop by her shop too! Stylesight Margaux Lange Barbie



  1. As a designer and doll collector I ADORE her pieces, but some of my collecting colleagues thought them rather bizarre. To each his own. As a collector of hearts I’m really lusting after that busom pendant.

    Thank You for acknowledging this wonderfully original jewelry designer with such unbiased reporting!

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