A Nontraditional Recruitment Approach: Somewhere HQ

Somewhere is a new online platform matching pioneering creative companies with potential employees.

Somewhere is a new online platform matching pioneering creative companies with potential employees.

The site enables individuals and companies alike to create and easily update interactive and content-rich visual profiles that mirror their values, work style, personality, and aspirations.

From Instagram pictures of office pets to snapshots of inspiring projects, companies are more likely to discuss their authentic passions for urban gardening than revenues and pension schemes.

While employment is still an important factor, this nontraditional recruitment approach is rooted in the belief that work should be a reflection of the individual, and a way to create meaningful professional networks. Interestingly there are no job listings and the traditional CV is completely disregarded.

Today’s well-educated Millennials envision their professional life as more than a Monday to Friday means for funding their living costs. Read our Millennials report to find more about this generation and their attitudes.

A Nontraditional Recruitment Approach: Somewhere HQ

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