A New Year, a New Pair of Underwear

Based on the popular Brazilian belief that the new year requires new underwear, several brands have launched limited edition collections for the occasion.

The Brazilians have got the right idea. They believe that new underwear must be worn to welcome the new year – a fresh start, in more ways than one. Not only that, but the color of the underwear makes a difference, symbolizing what you hope the new year will have in store. Many Brazilian brands, like Loungerie (pictured above), have seized upon this retail opportunity by releasing limited edition collections for the occasion. Our São Paulo-based correspondent/editor, Marina Costa Manso, tipped us off on a few others that are ringing in New Year’s the right way.

Any Any launched a collection of lace-trimmed tangas packaged in little heart-shaped purses in four key colors, each representing a different wish for the new year:

White: Brings peace, tranquility, balance, harmony. Repels negative energies, elevates good vibrations.

Red: A symbol of passion, power and burning desires. The hottest and most stimulating of the colors.

Yellow: Attracts money, creativity, prosperity, joyfulness and intelligence. Embodies luxury, brings happiness.

Pink: The color of delicateness and sincere love. Capable of converting the hardest cynics into romantic idealists.

Scala, known for their seamless underwear, teamed up with everyone’s favorite astrologist Susan Miller to produce kits titled “Choose Happiness.” The sleek silver boxes include a pair of panties adorned with a Swarovski pendant in one of the four colors described above, as well as *drum roll* astrology predictions for the year 2013. We’ll take all four colors, please.

Hope, in collaboration with Jo De Mer for their swimwear line, channeled the New Year’s theme into gift-with-purchase bags color-coded in bright yellow, pink, orange and blue. A portable wish come true.

Here’s to a colorful New Year filled with peace, prosperity and a little panty.

A New Year, a New Pair of Underwear

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